Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bet I Can Guess Where You're Gonna Be

A Baptist Press article refers to a Lifeway Research survey which indicates Mother's Day is the third-ranked Sunday for high attendance at church, trailing only Easter and Christmas. So it looks like even on the day when it's all about Mom, she's still looking out for your best interests by calling in a special favor that hopefully will actually benefit YOU: she's getting you into church. While the apparent correlation between increased church attendance and Mother's Day is an apt representation of the influence moms have on family and culture, the Lifeway poll also includes another eyebrow-raising stat. Of the seven specific days mentioned, Father's Day came in last for high attendance, behind even Fourth of July and Friend Day. Now this doesn't mean that Father's Day is lowest in attendance; it just means that most in the poll didn't rank it highest.

But still. Beaten by Friend Day?