Saturday, February 10, 2007

Here a Blog, There a Blog...

So this is beta. Hello again to the very few regular readers of my former blog, the number of which didn't require a site meter to calculate; the accounting capacity of the digits on one hand were sufficient, with fingers to spare, I think. My Dear Wifely, on the other hand, gets a little more traffic at her blog and suggested that maybe if I post more often than 16 times in 14 months I'll pick up another reader or two. After a little primary research on my part, I have concluded that, in fact, there are 18 posts on my former blog in that time frame, which averages 1.29 posts per month, give or take. Okay, so maybe I could post a little more often.

My Dear Wifely started her blog at almost the same time I started mine (actually, a little bit after mine) and has been fairly prolific in her number of posts; I don't know that I'm ever going to match her frequency of posting. But maybe I will blog a little more often...maybe.

I know she'll be reading, anyway...

1 comment:

herewegoagain said...

You forgot "everywhere a blog, blog".

I do think if you post more than "1.whatever" blogs a month, you might get more readers. I know I'LL check in more often.

Besides, you can be a funny guy!